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How to Read the Course Descriptions

Sample Course Description

BADM 162, Business Law II 3(3)
A continuation of Business Law I. Topics include dispute resolution, contract issues, sale and lease, legal cyber issues, negotiableinstruments, labor-management relations, international law, and labor-management relations. (IN1, IN3) Prerequisite: BADM 161. Offered Summer and Spring Semesters.
In the above sample course description:

  • the subject area is Business
  • the course number is BADM 162
  • the course title is Business Law II
  • the number of credit hours offered is three
  • the number of contact hours is three
  • the actual course description is “A continuation of business law I. Topics include dispute resolution, contract issues, sale and lease, legal cyber issues, negotiableinstruments, labor-management relations, international law, and labor-management relations."
  • the Prerequisite is BADM 161 (see following information)
  • there is no corequisite (also see following information). 
  • It also has infused general education requirements in Critical Thinking (In1) and Diversity (In3).

General Education (GE) Requirements

Core GE Requirements

English (C1), Mathematics (C2), Natural Science (C3), Social Science (C4), and Humanities (C5) core GE requirements are met by completion of the core curriculum.

Infused GE Requirements

Select at least one course for each of the following infused GE requirements: Critical Thinking (In1), Communication (In2), Diversity (In3), Ethics (In4), and Health (In5).

Please note: A single course may be used to fulfill multiple GE requirements.

GE Requirements addressed in each course are listed in parentheses at the end of each course catalog description. Click here for a list of GE requirements for all courses.

Course Numbering

In the sample above, the first capital letters (BADM) indicate the subject area (see course abbreviations). The three numbers (162) following the four capital letters are the numbers assigned to a particular course within the subject area. In this case, BADM represents the subject area, Business, and 162 is the number assigned to this course. Within this listing of course descriptions, courses are listed in numerical order within each subject area. Courses numbered 099 are designed to provide students with basic skills preparatory to first-year studies. If a course number starts with zero (0), no certificate or degree credit is offered. Courses numbered 100 through 199 are usually introductory or first-year courses. Courses numbered 200 through 299 are usually second-year courses. Course numbers do not indicate whether or not a course will be accepted for transfer to other institutions. Students must consult with advisors/counselors regarding transfer of courses and credits to other institutions. See the section in this catalog on Transfer of Credit from LCCC.

Credit Hours and Contact Hours

The number of semester credits for each course described in the catalog is indicated after the course title. The number of contact hours (actual hours of class time per week) for each course described in the catalog is indicated in parentheses after the credit hours. For example, 3 (3) indicates three credit hours and three contact hours per week.

Prerequisites indicate courses that must be successfully completed before entering in a more advanced or subsequent course. Prerequisites, if any, are listed in italics at the end of each course description.

In the example, BADM 161 is the prerequisite and must be taken before enrolling in BADM 162. Prerequisites are established to assure that the student has an adequate and sufficient background to enroll in the course. Because technology changes so frequently, the prerequisite(s) for certain courses may change. If the listed prerequisite(s) are not met, a previous course or combination of courses (not listed or taught currently) may be substituted for the current prerequisite(s).

Contact a counselor for further information. Corequisites indicate courses that must be taken during the same term. Concurrent enrollment indicates prerequisites that may be taken during the same term.

Divisional approval is required to have a prerequisite waived. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the proper division to obtain permission to enroll in a course in which the prerequisite has not been met.

Keyboarding Skills
Certain courses, particularly those utilizing computer technology, may require keyboarding skills in order to ensure student success. The appropriate division office should be contacted if there are any questions concerning certain courses. Selected courses or specific sections of some courses requiring keyboarding skills will be noted in the Class Schedule.

Schedule of Classes
Courses described in this Catalog are those approved by the LCCC Board of Trustees at the time of publication and included in the Ohio Board of Regents master course inventory. Inclusion of a course description does not obligate the College to offer the course in any given semester or academic year. A class schedule is published prior to the start of each semester. The class schedule contains a list of classes to be offered for a given term, placement assessment schedules and general registration information. Courses approved by the Board of Trustees after the publication of this Catalog may be reflected in the class schedule. Courses are subject to cancellation based on enrollment, staffing or other factors.