Lorain County Community College Catalog


Current tuition and fees are published online each semester. Fees are subject to change without prior notice. All debt obligations are payable in full on or before the designated fee due date. Tuition is subject to change. Tuition fee rates vary dependent upon the residency classification of each individual student as defined by the State of Ohio.

Categories of residency are:

  • Lorain County resident
  • Out-of-County, Ohio resident
  • Out-of-State and/or International resident

For current tuition rates, visit www.lorainccc.edu/tuition.

Blanket tuition program
LCCC’s innovative blanket tuition program provides students with the opportunity to sign up for up to 18 credit hours and pay only for 13 credit hours. Approximately 24 percent of LCCC’s students use the blanket tuition program.

Interest-free tuition installment plan
The LCCC Tuition Installment Plan allows the student to postpone payment of certain fees. For credit class enrollments the student will be billed for one-third of the total amount, deferred on three separate occasions, after the beginning of the academic term. The first third must be paid by the last day of the fourth week of the academic term; the second third must be paid by the last day of the eighth week of the academic term; and the final third must be paid by the last day of the twelfth week of the academic term.

In order for a student to be eligible to participate in the plan the student must:

  • be an LCCC student;
  • have no past due debt with LCCC;
  • be enrolled in a credit course (no minimum required);
  • be enrolled in a non-credit course lasting 10 weeks or longer, with a fee equal to, or greater than, $800.
  • not have defaulted on the Tuition Installment Plan within one year preceding the current application.

Note: A default on the Tuition Installment Plan makes an applicant ineligible to participate for one full year following the date of default unless a reinstatement fee of $25 is paid with the new application.

Fees covered by the Tuition Installment Plan

  • Semester hour fees and eligible non-credit course fees 
  • General fees 
  • Laboratory fees 
  • Technology fees 
  • Schedule adjustment fees 
  • Other special fees associated with course instruction 
  • Plan application fee

Fees NOT covered: 

  • Reinstatement fees 
  • Transcript fees 
  • Non-credit instructional fees (except as indicated above under “Eligibility”) 
  • Fines and assessments 
  • Testing fees 
  • Bookstore purchases (i.e. books and supplies) 
  • Other fees NOT associated with credit course instruction

Cost of the plan
The Tuition Installment Plan is an interest-free plan. The processing fee for participating is $15 per application.

Transcript requests
An official transcript of a student’s academic record is issued upon the authenticated request of the student only. Any outstanding obligation due to the College must be satisfied prior to the issuance of a transcript. When prior obligations are settled by check or money order, an official transcript will be issued only after the check or money order has cleared the bank. Official transcripts can be requested online at www.lorainccc.edu/transcripts or in Enrollment Services. Unofficial transcripts are available for students online. Accessing requires appropriate login.