Career By Design

Guided by Vision 2025 and LCCC’s core mission and values, Career by Design refers to a college-wide focus on supporting individual and family needs related to career and employment. LCCC’s academic advising model, work-based learning opportunities, engaged and dedicated faculty, the University Partnership, strong employer connections, and the college’s deep awareness of the regional labor market and economic landscape are critical ingredients in LCCC’s high-quality student academic and career planning experience.

Navigation Assistants and Student Glossary of Terms

College can be intimidating, no matter your family background or previous experiences. LCCC leads the way in thoughtfully guiding students through their education and intentionally added the Student Services Navigator role to its team. The Navigator is in place to help students with complex situations involving policies and procedures and cross multiple departments. In addition, LCCC offers a glossary of terms to help students quickly understand terms other students may have found confusing in the past. As a student at LCCC, we also welcome your submissions to the Glossary, as they can help others better navigate college life, too: