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Viewing outcome relationships between MTHM 168 - STATISTICS and 148 - Industrial Safety Technology/Technician

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148 - Industrial Safety Technology/Technician
  • PLO 4: Effectively communicate industrial and environmental safety principles, standards and techniques using written, oral, and graphical techniques.
    • CLO 1: Describe and interpret univariate data using graphical summaries such as box-plots, histograms, pie charts, bar charts and dot plots.
    • CLO 2: Describe and interpret univariate data using numerical summaries such as proportions, mean, median, percentiles and standard deviation.
    • CLO 4: Apply basic concepts of probability such as sample spaces, events (independent or dependent) and their associated probabilities using addition and multiplication rules.
    • CLO 8: Describe the principles of data collection including randomization, sampling design, and comparison. Distinguish between observational and experimental studies.
Key: 1196