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Viewing outcome relationships between TECN 133 - MECHANICAL SYSTEMS and 206 - Semiconductor Cleanroom Maintenance Technician

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206 - Semiconductor Cleanroom Maintenance Technician
  • PLO 2: Use hand-tools and digital conferencing/file transfer software while gowned up within a cleanroom environment.\n
    • CLO 6: Use hand tools and precision measurement equipment to install, align, and analyze mechanical systems including belt, chain, and gear drives.
  • PLO 4: Explain fundamental maintenance and technical concepts and skills used in semiconductor manufacturing including chemistry, chemical safety, electronics, wiring diagrams, blueprints, Microsoft Windows and Office, hand-tools, pneumatics, hydraulics, reading charts in a logarithmic scale, as well as general health and wellness
    • CLO 5: Proficiently install, calibrate, and maintain mechanical systems, following standard operating procedures.
Key: 1381