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Viewing outcome relationships between PTHA 112 - FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY AND KINESIOLOGY and 28 - Physical Therapist Assisting

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28 - Physical Therapist Assisting
  • PLO 1: Students/Graduates will competently provide high quality data collection and intervention skills based on the PT plan of care.
    • CLO 1: Students will define anatomical, kinesiological, structural, and scientific terminology related to human movement
    • CLO 5: Students identify the functions of the skeletal system as it relates to human movement including: biomechanics of axial and appendicular skeletal articulations, bony prominences and landmarks.
    • CLO 10: Student will demonstrate the application of anatomical and kinesiological concepts to therapeutic exercises
  • PLO 2: Students/Graduates will practice legally, ethically and safely within their scope of practice under the direction and supervision of the PT.
    • CLO 8: Students explain the normal and abnormal function of the neuromusculoskeletal systems during functional activities such as exercise, ADL, work, self- care, education, home management, play or social/community activity.
Key: 1424