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Viewing outcome relationships between PTHA 221 - REHABILITATION PRINCIPLES I and 28 - Physical Therapist Assisting

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28 - Physical Therapist Assisting
  • PLO 1: Students/Graduates will competently provide high quality data collection and intervention skills based on the PT plan of care.
    • CLO 6: Students will describe the etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, special tests, medical and surgical interventions for commonly encountered pathologies and diagnoses encountered in physical therapy.
  • PLO 2: Students/Graduates will practice legally, ethically and safely within their scope of practice under the direction and supervision of the PT.
    • CLO 3: Students will apply knowledge of universal precautions and sterile technique to patient care.
    • CLO 7: Students will successfully identify the components of the Physical Therapist evaluation, physical therapy plan of care, treatment principles, and goals for commonly encountered pathologies and diagnoses.
    • CLO 8: Students will explain the Physical Therapist Assistant role in carrying out selected components of interventions under the direction of the PT as outlined in the PT plan of care.
  • PLO 3: Students/Graduates will demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with the core value documents of the profession.
    • CLO 10: Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize various types of teaching and learning styles by providing instruction of a learning unit to patients, family members, or caregivers as delegated by the physical therapist.
  • PLO 8: The program will provide students with a quality education in contemporary physical therapy techniques, practicing in a competent and professional manner.
    • CLO 9: Students will describe common patient populations, levels of care, and practice settings including ICU’s, acute, SNF/Extended care, subacute, rehabilitation, education settings, workplace, government, out-patient, hospice, home health, sports/fitness, and health promotion/prevention, wellness.
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