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Viewing outcome relationships between PTHA 245 - ADVANCED TOPICS AND CLINICAL CRITIQUE and 28 - Physical Therapist Assisting

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28 - Physical Therapist Assisting
  • PLO 2: Students/Graduates will practice legally, ethically and safely within their scope of practice under the direction and supervision of the PT.
    • CLO 5: Students will explain the contemporary role and scope of Physical Therapist Assistant practice, and the evolving areas of Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant practice.
    • CLO 7: Students will be able to show the impact of professional, employment and licensing issues on the Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • PLO 3: Students/Graduates will demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with the core value documents of the profession.
    • CLO 2: Students will describe and defend evidence based practice patterns.
    • CLO 4: Students will demonstrate the ability to read and critically analyze the current professional literature.
  • PLO 4: Students/Graduates will demonstrate evidence of participation in lifelong learning and activities that promote professional growth.
    • CLO 6: Students will justify the need for lifelong learning and career development for the Physical Therapist Assistant with potential opportunities and career paths.
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