Viewing outcome relationships between 1222 and 212 - General Arts and Sciences

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212 - General Arts and Sciences
  • PLO 1: Students will be able to convey clear and organized ideas in creative, purposeful, and audience-centered ways.
    • CLO 3: Utilize a multistep, recursive writing process in response to a variety of academic texts.
    • CLO 4: Compose texts that are effective in diverse rhetorical situations.
    • CLO 5: Employ academic writing conventions with facility to support a proposition or thesis.
    • CLO 6: Write in language that is not only clear and free of error but also skillful and distinctive.
  • PLO 2: Students will be able to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information to draw informed, logical conclusions or solve problems.
    • CLO 1: Employ advanced critical reading strategies as an effective basis for literary inquiry and research.
    • CLO 2: Situate a nuanced, original argument in conversation with the ideas of other critics and theorists.
  • PLO 3: Students will be able to use digital technologies effectively and responsibly.
    • CLO 7: Employ appropriate research methods to locate, evaluate, organize, and cite sources.
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