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13 - Human Services
  • PLO 1: Exhibit a thorough understanding of the role of the human service worker by demonstrating effective use of skills and knowledge to fulfill this role.
    • CLO 5: Interpret information gathered from research related to media and the government
  • PLO 2: Apply knowledge of diversity and use multicultural approaches in service delivery.
    • CLO 3: Defend findings from research about a controversial American government issue
    • CLO 7: Assume responsibility for opinions about freedoms and rights as they relate to America
    • CLO 8: Share an interesting program focused on a key aspect of Domestic and Foreign Policy
  • PLO 3: Apply principles of ethical decision making in the human services field and practice ethical behavior in relation to self and others within the helping relationship by adhering to the NASW Code of Ethics.
    • CLO 6: Form judgments from a guest presentation made by a current senator or congressman
Key: 157