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Viewing outcome relationships between ENGL 161 - COLLEGE COMPOSITION I and 142 - Computer Games and Simulation Design

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142 - Computer Games and Simulation Design
  • PLO 1: Students will demonstrate industry professional standards within their attitudes, conduct, ethics, and work. (including attendance, deadlines, copyright issues, and group interactions).
    • CLO 1: Employ critical reading strategies to communicate about complex ideas.
    • CLO 2: Develop a clear line of reasoning that is supported by evidence from academic sources.
  • PLO 5: Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic principles of engaging human attention for entertainment and learning.
    • CLO 6: Write in language that communicates clearly to readers with few errors in usage.
  • PLO 9: Students will demonstrate the ability to accept criticism and improve their work based on the critiques of their peers.
    • CLO 3: Utilize a series of writing activities (e.g., planning, responding to feedback, revising) to produce drafts of increasing quality.
Key: 1596