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Viewing outcome relationships between 981 and 55 - Early Childhood Education

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55 - Early Childhood Education
  • PLO 2: Recognize historical perspectives and implement developmental theories of education that impact a child's development. (NAEYC 1)
    • CLO 1: Articulate foundational knowledge of the field, ethical principles and dispositions to inform teaching and learning. (TAG OED 009 #8)
    • CLO 2: Describe the principles of an individualized, safe, appropriately inclusive, culturally responsive learning environment. (TAG OED 009 #3)
    • CLO 3: Explain how exceptionalities may interact with development and learning). (TAG OED 009 #1)
  • PLO 3: Design curriculum and assessments that are developmentally responsive to the diverse needs of children. (N.A.E.Y.C.1, 3, 4, 5)
    • CLO 5: Describe the multiple methods of assessment and data sources that general educators use to increase learning for all students, such as recognizing warning signs, engaging appropriately in response to intervention (RtI), and reading and implementing an Individualized Education Program (IEP). (TAG OED 009 #6)
    • CLO 7: Compare a variety of evidence-based instructional strategies to support learning of individuals with exceptionalities including multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. (TAG OED 009 #7)
    • CLO 9: Describe meaningful and suitably challenging learning experiences for individuals with exceptionalities. (TAG OED 009 #2)
  • PLO 4: Engage with children, families, colleagues and the community ethically and professionally in learning environments and meaningful activities. (N.A.E.Y.C. 2.,6)
    • CLO 4: Identify collaborative methods for working with families, other educators, related service providers, individuals with exceptionalities, and personnel from community agencies in culturally responsive ways. (TAG OED 009 #9)
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