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Viewing outcome relationships between HMSR 211 - CRISIS INTERVENTION and 11 - Justice Systems - Police Science

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11 - Justice Systems - Police Science
  • PLO 2: Apply communication skills verbally, through written documentation, and nonverbally with coworkers, supervisors, victims, witnesses, prosecutors, and others through the use of effective appropriate interview and interrogation techniques, listening skills, appropriate interpersonal conversation skills, written reports, and testifying in court
    • CLO 2: Identify the major kinds of crisis
    • CLO 3: Identify characteristics of people in crisis and people at risk for crisis
    • CLO 5: Identify typical suicidal cues/signs/behaviors and the interventions/techniques utilized with the self-destructive client
    • CLO 6: Identify the unique/common needs of those victimized by violence
Key: 302