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Viewing outcome relationships between URBS 151G - INTRODUCTION TO URBAN STUDIES and 11 - Justice Systems - Police Science

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11 - Justice Systems - Police Science
  • PLO 1: The purpose, function, and continuing evolution of the U.S. Criminal Justice System in terms of the three major components: law enforcement, courts, and corrections
    • CLO 1: Describe significant historic, economic, political, and social trends influencing the city.
    • CLO 2: Summarize urban conditions and the problems facing minority groups.
    • CLO 7: Form judgments regarding value of people and their roles in society and the city.
  • PLO 5: Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior in the performance of duty or assignment on behalf of or while employed by or associated with any criminal justice agency or its designee
    • CLO 5: Connect the dynamics of the inner-workings of the city in relationship to a city service.
Key: 310