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Viewing outcome relationships between 1449 and 12 - Justice Systems - Corrections

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12 - Justice Systems - Corrections
  • PLO 2: Practice communication verbally, through written documentation, and nonverbally with co-workers, inmates/clients, and others through the use of effective appropriate interview and counseling techniques, listening skills, appropriate interpersonal conversation skills, and written reports
    • CLO 1: Identify the signs and symptoms of addiction
    • CLO 2: Demonstrate knowledge of different chemical substances
    • CLO 3: Describe various models which explain chemical dependency
    • CLO 4: Explain the impact of addiction on family relationships
    • CLO 5: Identify treatment issues and approaches with special populations
    • CLO 6: Show ability to apply theories of addiction to various client situations
    • CLO 7: Describe how one’s attitudes, beliefs, and values about chemical dependency impact his or her development as a generalist social worker
  • PLO 4: Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior in the performance of any duty or assignment
    • CLO 8: Defend how social work ethics, values, and principles are relevant to practice at all systemic levels and with various populations
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