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Viewing outcome relationships between 1452 and 12 - Justice Systems - Corrections

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12 - Justice Systems - Corrections
  • PLO 2: Practice communication verbally, through written documentation, and nonverbally with co-workers, inmates/clients, and others through the use of effective appropriate interview and counseling techniques, listening skills, appropriate interpersonal conversation skills, and written reports
    • CLO 8: Show ability to utilize appropriate assessment tools and models of crisis intervention.
    • CLO 10: Personally examine/explore historical or potential crises in their own lives, response patterns, and learning
    • CLO 11: Examine and acknowledge how his or her own attitudes, beliefs, and values about sexual assault impact his or her ability to provide help to rape victims
  • PLO 3: Apply appropriate counseling therapies and/or recognized treatments in assisting clients in various correctional settings including but not limited to long and short-term correctional facilities, diversion, and post-incarceration aftercare programs
    • CLO 1: Define crisis
    • CLO 2: Identify the major kinds of crisis
    • CLO 3: Identify characteristics of people in crisis and people at risk for crisis
    • CLO 5: Identify typical suicidal cues/signs/behaviors and the interventions/techniques utilized with the self-destructive client
    • CLO 6: Identify the unique/common needs of those victimized by violence
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