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Viewing outcome relationships between 636 and 62 - Business Administration - Human Resource Management

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62 - Business Administration - Human Resource Management
  • PLO 1: Contrast and apply various human resource management concepts and theories to the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of individuals for employment.
    • CLO 1: Apply basic theories and principles of interpersonal, small group, and public communication to evaluate self and others..
  • PLO 3: Construct and utilize effective documents and presentations using technology.
    • CLO 4: Create presentations through audience analysis that are inclusive, diverse and equitable.
    • CLO 8: Demonstrate effective oral delivery skills for presentations (e.g., fluency, rate, volume, pronunciation, articulation, energy, etc.)
    • CLO 9: Demonstrate effective physical delivery skills for presentations. (eye contact, gestures, movement, posture, etc.)
Key: 422