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Viewing outcome relationships between MTHM 168 - STATISTICS and 31 - Sports and Fitness Management

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31 - Sports and Fitness Management
  • PLO 3: Be prepared to take a national, accredited certification exam for personal trainers.
    • CLO 6: Use a randomization distribution for a population proportion, mean, difference of proportions, and difference of means to perform the corresponding hypothesis test for a given sample and null hypothesis.
    • CLO 8: Describe the principles of data collection including randomization, sampling design, and comparison. Distinguish between observational and experimental studies.
    • CLO 11: Perform a full hypothesis test for a population proportion and mean using either a normal or t-distribution, as appropriate. This process should include: formulating a null and alternative hypothesis from a given claim, choosing a test statistic, describing the rejection criteria, making a decision using a p-value or critical value, drawing an appropriate conclusion, and describing Type I and Type II errors.
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