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Viewing outcome relationships between HPED 275 - KINESIOLOGY and 31 - Sports and Fitness Management

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31 - Sports and Fitness Management
  • PLO 4: Develop safe and effective exercise programs for all populations utilizing technology.
    • CLO 4: Analyze the muscular system for upper body and trunk exercises
    • CLO 5: Analyze the muscular system for lower body exercises.
    • CLO 6: Review the neuromuscular and biomechanical aspects of bodily movement.
    • CLO 7: Demonstrate joint motions for the trunk, upper and lower body joints.
  • PLO 7: Perform safe, ethical and legal practices in various career-related settings (e.g. cardiac rehabilitation, sports conditioning, corporate wellness, fitness and recreational centers)
    • CLO 8: Justify the need to recognize origins, insertions, ligaments, nerves associated with trunk, lower and upper body muscles as a future health & fitness professional.
Key: 461