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Viewing outcome relationships between 876 and 4 - Dental Hygiene

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4 - Dental Hygiene
  • PLO 4: Synthesize information effectively to support clinical dental hygiene treatment through critical thinking, careful assessment and appropriate decision-making actions.
    • CLO 3: The student will be able to use the required Dental Health index to assess their target population’s ability to remove dental plaque.
  • PLO 5: Comprehensively prepare competent students in the discipline of dental hygiene science.
    • CLO 1: The student will be able to apply the principles of Dental Health Research.
    • CLO 2: The student will be able to discuss and promote oral health.
  • PLO 6: Demonstrate a professional and mature acknowledgement of diverse populations in all clinical interactions.
    • CLO 4: The student will describe and participate in the Community Oral Health assignments by serving in the assigned initiatives and identify with their importance.
Key: 59