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Viewing outcome relationships between FIRE 112 - BUILDING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION and 19 - Fire Science

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19 - Fire Science
  • PLO 1: Exhibit an understanding of basic principles of firefighter life safety initiatives.
    • CLO 8: Choose appropriate tactics to ensure safety of all personnel.
  • PLO 2: Identify, examine and apply current and emerging concepts and practices in Fire and Emergency Services
    • CLO 4: Predict the effect of fire on various building materials.
    • CLO 6: Explain appropriate firefighting tactics for various building constructions.
  • PLO 3: Articulate the responsibilities of fire prevention, inspections and public relations.
  • PLO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the administrative workings of a fire department including budget preparation, resource allocation, long-range planning, and fiscal projections.
Key: 615