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Viewing outcome relationships between FIRE 227 - FIRE PREVENTION and 19 - Fire Science

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19 - Fire Science
  • PLO 3: Articulate the responsibilities of fire prevention, inspections and public relations.
    • CLO 1: Define the fire prevention and describe the need for fire prevention.
    • CLO 2: Describe the importance of laws, rules, regulations, codes, and standards in life safety enforcement.
    • CLO 3: Identify fire prevention organizations and associations.
    • CLO 7: Explain public fire education principles.
  • PLO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the administrative workings of a fire department including budget preparation, resource allocation, long-range planning, and fiscal projections.
    • CLO 5: Contrast the standards and qualifications for Fire Marshal, Plans Examiner, Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator, and Fire and Life Safety Educator
    • CLO 8: Properly complete fire inspection and structure preplanning documentation.
    • CLO 9: Appreciate the value of professional development for fire prevention personnel.
Key: 619