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106 - Hospitality and Tourism Management - Travel Industry
  • PLO 1: Demonstrate comprehension of fundamental concepts, principles and practices in travel and tourism and the inter-relationship to various business environments
    • CLO 1: Compare and contrast domestic and international tourist destinations.
    • CLO 2: Identify the components of the leisure market and the corporate market.
    • CLO 3: Describe the products available for the leisure traveler and for the corporate traveler.
    • CLO 4: Select destinations based on customer needs, motivations and expectations.
    • CLO 6: Assemble a packet of information for a client traveling to a domestic and to an international destination.
  • PLO 3: Recognize and value cultural diversity, locally and globally, among colleagues, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders
    • CLO 5: Establish a global perspective and awareness of cultural diversity in relation to tourism
Key: 990