LCCC Student Success Priorities

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LCCC Student Success Priorities

At Lorain County Community College (LCCC), we believe every student’s dream matters. We strive to provide excellent support services, a warm and welcoming campus culture, and a student-centered approach to learning.

LCCC’s number one priority is “Drive Student Completion for Academic and Career Success”, which serves as our focus in supporting students’ dreams. This can include a certificate, an associate’s degree, bachelors’s or higher degree, and/or a living wage job and career. Our ongoing efforts are to improve student access to higher education while ensuring equitable outcomes for all student groups and paving the way for easy and accessible transfer to a four-year university. Our student completion efforts are evidence-based, data-informed, and in partnership with national partner programs like Achieving the Dream (ATD), Guided Pathways, and Frontier Set, each of which are designed to support student completion in community colleges and in higher education.

Students at LCCC experience a number of services and programs directly aligned with the college’s commitment to student success, which are fully highlighted in LCCC’s Completion Plan. Notable programs include:

  • The Students Accelerated in Learning (SAIL) Program, which provides structured support services for real college students with real-world obstacles. SAIL’s cohort-based model provides students with both financial and academic support to graduate with associate degree within three years. SAIL places student success as the center of its support services, and includes regular and supportive academic advising, personalized career counseling, tutoring, priority pre-registration and workshops. 
  • LCCC’s Assigned Advisor Model provides each student with a central point of contact from connection through completion.  In this model, students receive personalized academic advising, degree progress monitoring, and program exploration within LCCC’s nine academic pathways. Academic Advisors are organized into teams around these nine pathways to provide students with expert advice and guidance on the program’s of their choice. Assigned advisors can be found in the MyCampus Portal. Students can make an appointment online at
  • Program and Career Pathways allow students to explore your career options or get on track to the career they already have in mind. Whether the student intends to earn a certificate or degree from LCCC, or transfer to a University Partnership Program or another college or university, Program and Career Pathways is a great place to start.
  • LCCC’s Success Messaging delivers personalized, interactive, in-time text messages to enrolled students. Throughout each semester, students will receive positive reinforcement and nudging towards support services, as well as reminders about upcoming registration periods.
  • Innovative, student-centered technology tools like Degree Map and Schedule Planner make the enrollment experience easy, friendly and informative. Degree Map helps students chart the best plan for success by showing requirements completed and those courses still remaining. Students can explore majors or minors and search local and national career opportunities.
  • The college’s Developmental Education co-requisite approach to developmental math and English courses save students time and money towards their degree, as well as provide direct support in foundational subjects.

LCCC is recognized as a national leader in student success:

AACC First in the Nation for Student Success (2018) In 2018, LCCC was named First in the Nation for Student Success by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). This recognition is granted to a community college that has demonstrated, through evidence, a sustained commitment to and proactively advances the cause of student success at a community college.

Achieving the Dream

Leader College Designation (2015)
Achieving the Dream Leader College of Distinction Designation (2019)

LCCC is also proud to be recognized as an Achieving the Dream Leader College since 2015, and was named an ATD Leader College of Distinction in 2019. This recognition is based upon the LCCC's student success improvements which anchored by Vision 2020. Both ATD distinctions ATD not only signifies the progress LCCC is making but also provides enhanced grant opportunities to support more student success initiatives.

Frontier Set Member Institution (2017)

Frontier Set is a national collaborative of 29 colleges and universities and two state systems of higher education. Established in 2017 and supported by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, its purpose is to identify, understand and share what works to accelerate student success, especially for low-income and first generation students, students of color and working adults. LCCC is proud to have been selected to participate and have the opportunity to be involved in innovative practices at the national level.

Student Equity
Lorain County Community College is committed to equity, the idea that students from marginalized and underrepresented populations have access to resources that empower student success and close completion achievement gaps. Equity is based upon the principle of fairness and is distinct from equality. While equality involves treating everyone the same way, equity provides each individual or group what they need to have an equal opportunity to succeed. A commitment to equity also includes identifying and removing structural barriers faced by under-served students. As a campus community, we will adopt practices that promote equity, grow the culture of inclusion, demand social justice and use that power to ensure success for all students. 

Achieving the Dream provides some examples of historically underrepresented students. These include but are not limited to: first-generation and low-income students; students of color; adult students; marginalized orientations, gender identities, and intersex students; students with second-language backgrounds; undocumented students; veterans; students with disabilities; students with dependents; foster care youth; and formerly and currently incarcerated students.

LCCC students are encouraged to take advantage of other Support Services including:

Accessibility Services         
Campus Security
CARE Center for Addiction Recovery
Children’s Learning Center
Commodore Cupboard
Emergency Aid
Hunger Free LCCC
LGBTQA+ Community
Personal Counseling
Ride Share Program
Second Chance
Suicide Prevention Services
Veterans Services
Women Empowered, Educated & Employed (WE3)
Women’s Link

LCCC is committed to student success and to providing excellent service.  We encourage students to provide feedback by completing a quick five-question survey at