General Education Outcomes

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Values and Philosophy

Lorain County Community College believes that all individuals should learn to read with comprehension, to write with clarity, to speak with precision, to listen with discrimination and to think critically and analytically with the capacity to apply knowledge. The education of the whole person and strengthening of literacy should occur throughout educational experiences.

Students seeking the associate of arts or associate of science degree must complete the appropriate general education/transfer module requirements as specified on this page. The transfer module may be completed independently of degree requirements as follows: ENGL 161 three, six semester hours representing two disciplines of social sciences, six semester hours representing two disciplines of arts and humanities, six semester hours of science including at least one lab course, and three semester hours of mathematics, plus additional courses from the list below to complete a block of at least 36 semester hours. Upon completion of the above, the student’s transcript will designate transfer module completed. Students pursuing applied degrees are encouraged to elect courses from the following general education/transfer module list (credit hours are listed in parenthesis at the end of each course title).

General Education Outcomes

LCCC believes that the role of education is the development of the whole person. General education outcomes at the College enable students to develop the knowledge, skills, values and beliefs important for all college graduates. LCCC’s general education outcomes are embedded across the curriculum in the B.A.S., A.A., A.A.B., A.A.S., A.S., A.I.S., A.T.S. degrees and one year and short-term certificates. General education outcomes are designed to ensure that all graduates meet general education requirements and are guided by specific learning outcomes:

LCCC’s five core course outcomes will be addressed in a select few core courses.

C1: English: Demonstrate logical organization, coherent thinking, and precision in writing.
C2: Mathematics: Utilize college mathematics to solve problems.
C3: Natural Science: Apply scientific concepts and methods of inquiry.
C4: Social Science: Apply concepts, principles and methods of inquiry in the social sciences.
C5: Humanities: Examine the nature of human expression and/or artistic creativity.

The remaining five are infused outcomes that are built into courses across the curriculum.

In1: Critical Thinking: Employ critical thinking skills in addressing issues and problems.
In2: Communication: Demonstrate competence in verbal and nonverbal communication.
In3: Diversity: Analyze the role of diversity in the development of the individual, the community and the global society.
In4: Ethics: Apply personal, professional, social and civic values.
In5: Health: Identify behaviors that promote health of the individual.

General Education Purpose Statement

Through its general education program, Lorain County Community College provides the student with the knowledge, understanding and skills that our society expects from any college-educated individual. General education introduces the student to academic disciplines and fosters critical thinking, rigorous investigation and effective communication. The experience of general education is valuable because it helps the student:

  • Prepare for further academic studies, professional accomplishments and lifelong learning.
  • Become an engaged member of the community.
  • Adapt to a changing world.
  • Understand and appreciate diverse aspects of human civilization and the natural world.