Course Load and Credit Hour Limitation

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The course load of a full-time student is 12 or more credit hours and may exceed 18 credit hours of coursework in a regular semester or nine credit hours in an accelerated session (summer term, five-, eight-, or ten- week modules) under one of the following conditions:

  1. Prescribed curriculum requires more than 18 credit hours per semester exclusive of physical education; or
  2. Newly admitted, recent high school graduates whose cumulative average for four years of high school work is of B quality (3.0) or higher; or
  3. Students with the immediately preceding 15 credit hours of coursework of B quality (3.0) or higher, completed at LCCC or another accredited college or university.

The course load of a part-time student may not exceed 11 credit hours of coursework in a regular semester or five credit hours in an eight-week term or three credit hours in a five-week term.


Students who are requesting full-time enrollment verification for insurance coverage or government assistance programs and who are enrolled in Allied Health program courses with clinical hours may be an exception. Due to the unique demands of clinical laboratory courses, practicum and co-ops, enrollment status will be determined by the number of contact hours REQUIRED rather than the credit hours to be earned. Twelve contact hours per week in a regular semester will constitute full-time enrollment. Eleven contact hours or fewer will constitute part-time enrollment. These definitions do not apply to financial aid recipients.