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Placement Assessment

As part of LCCC’s commitment to student success, applicants are REQUIRED to participate in a placement assessment process. Students are strongly encouraged to review their basic skills before assessing. Suggested resources for review can be obtained at the Enrollment, Financial and Career Services division or by visiting The placement assessment includes, but is not limited to, an evaluation of reading, sentence structure/writing and mathematical skills. Common tools used for this placement assessment can include an applicant’s ACT or SAT scores or LCCC placement assessment results (LCCC proctored). Based on the results of the placement assessment process, placement in courses commensurate with a student’s academic achievement is mandatory. This assessment must be completed prior to enrolling in the following: 

  • More than one course (three or four credit hours in length). 
  • Any mathematics course. 
  • ENGL 161
  • Any course requiring college-level reading and/or ENGL 161 as a prerequisite or corequisite. 
  • Any science course with mathematics as a prerequisite.

Our current placement tool is Accuplacer for reading/writing and ALEKS for math, although we do honor previous assessment scores from Compass and/or Asset.  It is the policy of LCCC that applicants (exclusive of English as a second language (ESL) students) with previous Asset assessment scores of 30 or above in both language usage and reading skills are eligible to enroll in credit courses at the College. Students with previous Compass assessment scores of 36 or above on reading and 18 or above on writing skills are eligible to enroll in credit courses at the College. Students with Accuplacer scores of 237 in writing and 221 in reading or higher are eligible to enroll in credit classes.

Applicants with scores of 28-29 on either previous Asset language usage or reading skills and/or applicants with previous Compass reading scores of 30-35 and/or Compass writing skills scores of 13-17 may be admitted on probation and are limited to six credit hours per semester until a grade point average of 2.0 has been achieved in 12 credit hours of graded courses. Scores of 0-27 on either Asset language usage or reading skills and/or 0-29 in Compass reading and/or 0-12 in Compass writing make an applicant ineligible to enroll for credit courses. Those who score in this range will be advised to seek alternative educational/training options. They may be retested after one year. Under the guidelines of The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Accessibility Services provides accommodations and support services to individuals with a wide range of needs. Our goal is to empower students and to help students make the most of their educational opportunities and potential by providing accommodations where there is a documented need. Further, the office follows strict confidentiality guidelines and secures personal information. We also provide assistance to faculty and staff. Please visit our website for more information at or contact our office at (440) 366-4058.

Situations involving a wide variance between or among scores will be addressed on an individual basis. Students who believe that their placement assessment scores do not accurately reflect their academic achievement and abilities may retest with the permission of their academic advisor. Students will be required to participate in mandatory preparation for Accuplacer (i.e., an academic boot camp or another approved online review) or ALEKS to enhance their chances of improving their placement assessment scores before permission is granted for reassessment.

Exceptions to participation in the placement assessment process include but are not limited to: 

  • A student who has completed an associate degree or higher at an accredited institution recognized by LCCC. 
  • A student who has successfully completed and transferred in both college-level English and math courses to LCCC. 
  • A transient student (taking classes and attending college elsewhere) student in good standing. 
  • A student with an ACT English score of 18 or SAT writing score of 430 and reading score of 450 or, effective March 2016, a 490 in Evidenced-Based English/Reading.
  • A student with an ACT mathematics score of 22 or SAT mathematics score of 520. 
  • A student with an ACT reading score of 22 or SAT reading score of 450 or 490 effective March 2016 in Evidence-Based English/Reading.


  • A senior adult learner. 
  • A student registering for audit. 
  • A cross-registration student.

Students wishing to enroll in advanced courses in mathematics or certain science courses will be required to complete the mathematics section of the placement assessment. Additional information can be obtained in the Enrollment, Financial and Career Services division.