Pre-Release Applicants

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Incarcerated applicants who apply for admission or re-admission in connection with their release through the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or the Adult Parole Authority may be admitted to or re-admitted to LCCC in accordance with the following policies:

  1. Admission application requests shall be referred to the Admissions office for appropriate action. 
  2. Each applicant shall be REQUIRED to visit the campus for a personal interview with: 
    • A student development counselor. 
    • The appropriate academic dean(s). 
    • The provost/vice president for academic and learner services. 
  3. A written evaluation shall be REQUIRED from the mental health professional at the penal institution most directly involved with the applicant, which should be co-signed by the mental health professional assuming responsibility. The evaluation should clearly recommend the applicant for admission, taking into full consideration the stress factors and implications involved in the impact of the College community on the applicant and his or her impact on the College community. The evaluation should provide reassurance that the recommending institution will provide adequate treatment for the applicant if such is indicated. 
  4. Pre-released persons who apply for admission will receive a regular notice of admission if accepted.