Transfer Guidelines (State of Ohio)

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State Guidelines Regarding Transfer

The Ohio Department of Education, following the directive of the Ohio General Assembly, developed a statewide policy to facilitate movement of students and transfer credits from one Ohio public college or university to another. The State policy avoids duplication of course requirements and enhances student mobility throughout Ohio’s public higher education system. Since independent colleges and universities in Ohio may or may not be participating in the transfer policy, all students interested in transferring are encouraged to check with the college or university of their choice regarding transfer agreements.

The State of Ohio has established law and policies, which guarantee transfer students the following: 

  • All college-level courses satisfactorily completed at one public higher education institution will be accepted at all others. 
  • All equivalent courses transferred will apply to a student’s degree objective in the same manner as the equivalent course at the receiving institution. 
  • A subset of a public higher education institution’s general education requirements, called a transfer module, will transfer as a block (at least 36 semester hours) in lieu of the receiving institution’s transfer module. 
  • Transfer students will be treated equitably with students who started at any of the public higher education institutions. 
  • Appeal procedures will be provided at the institutional level to adjudicate any problems relating to the implementation of the law and policies.

Students meeting the requirements of the transfer module are subject to the following conditions. 

  1. The policy encourages receiving institutions to give preferential consideration for admission to students who complete the transfer module and either the associate of arts or the associate of science degree. These students will be able to transfer all courses in which they receive a passing grade of D or better. A student must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 to be given credit for the transfer module. 
  2. As of August 2005, a revision to the Ohio Department of Higher Education's transfer and articulation policy went into effect. As a result, transfer credit from Ohio state-supported colleges and universities will be accepted for transfer credit with passing grades of D/D- for course credit earned fall term of 2005 and beyond, with or without the completion of the Ohio Transfer Module.

Admission to a given institution, however, does not guarantee that a transfer student will be admitted automatically to all majors, minors or fields of concentration at that institution. Once admitted, transfer students shall be subject to the same regulation governing applicability of catalog requirements as all other students. Furthermore, transfer students shall be given the same class standing and other privileges as all other students based on the number of credits earned. All residency requirements must be completed successfully at the receiving institution prior to the granting of a degree.

For more information about state transfer see The Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy


Transferology (formerly is a web-based program that allows students to keep track of and check on how their LCCC courses will transfer to other Ohio colleges and universities. With Transferology, students are able to: 

  1. Establish a Transferology account (free of charge).
  2. Store information on completed courses. 
  3. Obtain information on how Lorain County Community College courses transfer to other Ohio colleges and universities. 
  4. Request transfer guides that will provide information about: 
    • How courses transfer. 
    • How courses apply to intended major after transferring. 
    • What courses are still needed to complete a degree after transferring. 
  5. Obtain information about how courses from other Ohio colleges and universities transfer to Lorain County Community College.

To access Transferology, go to or