Transfer to LCCC /​ Transfer from LCCC

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Planning to transfer to another college or university?

Lorain County Community College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the regional accrediting authority for Ohio. This accreditation assures acceptance of transfer-eligible credits earned at the College by senior colleges and universities in Ohio.

LCCC credits for students planning to transfer to a four-year institution will be accepted by the receiving institution under the Ohio Department of Higher Education Board of Regents Articulation and Transfer Policy. This policy guarantees the transfer of all college-level courses and a block of courses called the Transfer Module. The LCCC Transfer Module transfers to any public college or university in Ohio.

Transferology is designed to provide students with accurate information about how courses transfer and how they will apply toward the completion of a college degree.

Transfer of Credit to LCCC

Any qualified students who have attended other colleges or universities are welcome to attend. An official evaluation of transfer credit will not be completed until the student has accomplished the following: 

  1. Request all official transcripts from the appropriate official of each separate institution of higher education attended. This includes:
    • In-state college transcripts. 
    • Out-of-state college transcripts. 
    • International transcripts. 
    • Military transcripts (DD-214, AARTS, NOBE, ACE). 
    • Advanced Placement transcripts.
    • CLEP transcripts. 
    • Non-traditional college credit.
  2. Complete all LCCC admission procedures prior to requesting evaluation of college-level and/or military transcripts.
  3. Complete and return the Transcript Evaluation Request form to the LCCC Transfer Center. Each Transcript Evaluation Request is valid for three months from the date of receipt. If transcripts are not received within the three-month time limit, future registration may be restricted until all documents are received.

A student enrolling prior to the receipt of all official post-secondary transcript(s) is limited to six semester hours and subsequent enrollment will require receipt and evaluation of official transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities. The Enrollment, Financial and Career Services division awards the transferability of credit. Students will receive a Notification of Credit Accepted letter from the Transfer Center office when the evaluation is completed. The evaluation becomes part of the student’s permanent student achievement file.

Only credits and hours are transferable; transfer grade point averages/grades do not replace LCCC grades on the official LCCC transcript. Transfer credit is granted for college-level and some technical courses earned at regionally accredited institutions of higher education on a course-by-course basis. Credit received on a satisfactory/ unsatisfactory or credit/no-credit basis will be evaluated using the same process as graded courses. LCCC translates satisfactory or credit as the equivalent of the student having passed the class.

A transfer student who is under academic probation at another college or university may be admitted as a probationary student. A student’s record is subject to review by the Committee on Admissions and Scholastic Standing.

More and more students are discovering the transfer path to LCCC. The College accepts students from other institutions. In addition, it is possible to transfer from LCCC to any University Partnership institution or other four-year colleges or universities.

For more Transfer Center information, visit the Transfer Center website.

Transfer of credit from LCCC

Credit earned at LCCC is transferable to the four-year institution of the student's choice so long as the student has met the requirements of the receiving institution.

While the State of Ohio guarantees that equivalent courses transfer and will apply toward degree objectives in the same manner they would if the course had been taken at the receiving institution, it is still a good idea to contact the institution you want to transfer to early to identify any individual institution transfer policies or procedures. You will also want to continue to utilize transferology and the expertise of an advisor to ensure that you are proceeding efficiently towards your goals.

Students should review the State of Ohio Transfer Module (in the LCCC Catalog) with an academic advisor to maximize the benefit of this block transfer of credit mechanism.

What you should do to prepare to transfer

To facilitate transfer with maximum applicability of transfer credit, students should:

  • Meet with an LCCC advisor during the first semester.
  • Seek more information from both advisors at LCCC and the college or university to which the student plans to transfer.
  • Identify the institution and major where the student will transfer early in  collegiate studies.
  • Plan a course of study that will meet the requirements of a degree program at the receiving institution.
  • Determine if there are language or any special course requirements that can be met during the first or second year.

Be sure to:

  • Check with the college or university the student will attend after LCCC for transfer applications, catalogs and scholarship information for students wishing to transfer to other colleges and universities.
  • Check to see if other Ohio colleges and universities will accept LCCC course credits with transferology.