Procedure for Administering the Code of Student Conduct

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I. Introduction

  1. The president may delegate the requisite responsibility and authority to the provost/vice president for academic and learner services who may, in turn, delegate the requisite responsibility and authority to direct and implement the provisions of said procedure to student services administrators, supervisors, and staff pursuant to the guidelines set forth in the procedure.
  2. It is the responsibility of the provost/vice president for academic and learner services or his/her designee to provide committees with technical advice, training, and secretarial support; to establish procedures to ensure an ongoing evaluation of student conduct rules; to collect and maintain all records of formal disciplinary action; to establish means to inform all members of the College community of student conduct policies and procedures; and to serve as a consultant to students and employees regarding the student conduct program.

II. Jurisdiction and Charges

  1. These procedures are intended to ensure proper administration of the Code of Student Conduct.
  2. In a collective sense, federal and state laws, the College's traffic and parking regulations, Board policy and College procedures provide guidance for campus conduct. A comprehensive list of laws, ordinances, policies, and procedures relating to on-campus conduct is available in the Office of Student Life during working hours. Violations of these standards, laws, and guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. Students claiming an inability to participate in the student conduct process for psychological or emotional reasons will be allowed to voluntarily withdraw from the College. This voluntary withdrawal represents the College's only response to a student choosing not to participate in the student conduct process. In such cases, the student conduct process will be held in abeyance, and the student placed on ineligible status (prohibiting future class registration) until the student chooses to re-enter the College. Student conduct proceedings will be reinstated at that time on the issue at question.

III. Procedural Standards

The procedural standards are presented to ensure that behavioral violations are dealt with appropriately and in an expedient fashion. Variance from these procedures may be necessitated by certain time lapses caused by vacation breaks and class period breaks. (See Disciplinary Process).

IV. General Provisions

For the purpose of clarification, all documents and records associated with this process are considered “student records” and are, therefore, not subject to release except as provided by law. Responsibility for enforcement of all College conduct and disciplinary sanctions must be assumed by all College administrators, supervisors, faculty, and staff.