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Student Development (SDEV)

Note: All students are required to take SDEV 101 in their first semester, when registering for more than six credit hours or any courses that would result in the accumulation of 12 or more credits. Exceptions to this requirement include: students enrolled at LCCC under quarters who earned 18 quarter credits or more; transfer students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher from an accredited institution recognized by LCCC with 12 or more transcripted credits; transient students; students registering for audit only; students transferring a course equivalent to SDEV 101 from an accredited institution recognized by LCCC; students who have completed an associate degree or higher from an accredited institution recognized by LCCC; College Credit Plus students.

Associate of Science

...coursework. Completion of the below requirements (excluding SDEV 101 ) may exceed the 40 credit hours...

Associate of Arts via Distance Learning

...the required number of credit hours (excluding SDEV 101 ) represents 33 of the 36-40...

Transfer Module and Requirements

...required number of credit hours above (excluding SDEV 101 ) represents 33 of the 36-40...

Graduation Requirements

...on all graded coursework which includes SDEV 101 (College 101) and ENGL 161 (College Composition...

Associate of Arts

...module requirements of 36-40 credit hours, SDEV 101 , for one credit hour and additional...

Associate of Technical Studies

...and include English composition or oral communications; SDEV 101 , a mathematics, statistics and/or logic...

SDEV 101, COLLEGE 101 1 (1)

This course introduces strategies for creating success in college. Topics focus on personal responsibility, motivation, goal setting, learning styles, emotional intelligence, study skills, life-long learning, career and academic planning, and completion.

General Education: IN1, IN4, IN5

Course Entry Requirement(s): None, None

Typically Offered: Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters


An in-depth study of various areas of Student Development presented by discussion and/or individual research and reading. Topics will vary. Repeatable up to a total of four credit hours. Prerequisite: Second year standing and divisional approval.

Typically Offered: Offer as required