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Vision 2.0 Strategic Plan

Building on Our Past. Designing for Our Future.

Lorain County Community College’s Board of Trustees adopted the new Vision 2.0 plan in January 2013, including the previous mission statement, a new vision statement, updated values, and six new strategic priorities that will guide the College’s developmental strategies for the next five to seven years.

The plan was developed by a 100-member Vision 2.0 Council, which was comprised of external community and regional stakeholders, faculty, staff, and students and culminated in 6-month process of listening and learning sessions.

“Vision 2.0 creates the future directions for LCCC and represents the collective input from those we serve in helping to shape and create priorities that will enhance our community’s educational attainment and competitiveness needed for this knowledge economy,” comments LCCC President Roy A. Church.

The Vision 2.0 Council met four times from April through June 2012 to learn about trends influencing the future of the College in the areas of education, economy, community, and culture, and to review and refine the ideas developed through the listening and learning phase.

The collaborative process resulted in the Vision 2.0 Council’s recommendation for the mission statement, vision statement, values, and six strategic priorities.

Vision Statement


Lives through Quality Education

Economy through Innovation

Community through Partnerships


Mission Statement

Lorain County Community College, an innovative leader in education, economic, community, and cultural development, serves as a regional catalyst for change in a global environment through accessible and affordable academic and career-oriented education, lifelong learning, and community partnerships.

Values Statements

  • Engagement
    We promote an open environment that empowers stakeholders with a voice in the planning and decision-making process.
  • Learning
    We believe in creating dynamic, positive and challenging environments that enhance teaching and learning.
  • Excellence
    We commit to quality and responsiveness and expect excellence in all that we do.

  • Partnerships
    We encourage collaboration, teamwork and cooperation in promoting partnerships locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Inclusion
    We value the contribution and worth of all individuals and ideas and believe that diversity is a competitive advantage for succeeding in a global society.
  • Stewardship
    We believe in serving our constituents and community with integrity and stewarding our resources in the most responsible and accountable ways to ensure our public’s ongoing trust.
  • Individuals
    We strive to inspire individuals to become creative and critical thinkers and to assist them in discovering their full potential.

  • Innovation
    We embrace a culture of continuous innovation and quality improvement that encourages creativity, flexibility and risk taking.

  • Sustainability
    We promote and incorporate practices that result in positive outcomes for our social, economic, and natural environments both today and in the future.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Drive Student Completion and Academic Success 
  2. Meet Industry-Identified Talent Needs 
  3. Foster Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation 
  4. Accelerate Commercialization to Enhance Regional Competitiveness 
  5. Stimulate a Vibrant, Connected Community 
  6. Expand College's Resource Capacity