Assignment of Catalog

The academic requirements for each student's program of study are based on the catalog in effect when the student is initially enrolled at Lorain County Community College. Catalog requirements are in place for a maximum of five years. 

Students may elect to complete their work under a more recent catalog than originally assigned but must comply with all of the new requirements relevant to their program since that time.

Students who extend their studies more than five years from the date of initial admission will be subject to a new Catalog. Upon completion of the fifth catalog year, the student will be assigned to the most recent catalog and an additional five years to complete their study under this new catalog.

Students who intend to earn a degree from Lorain County Community College are urged to complete their programs within five years from the time they begin. Currency of skill and knowledge is crucial for success. Some technical programs require completion within a shorter period because of accreditation, certification or licensure requirements. Consult with Enrollment Services or the academic division for more information about the time completion requirements for your program.

Students seeking programs with selective admission will be assigned to the catalog based upon their time of formal admittance and enrollment to their selective program. Students who change their program are assigned to the catalog based upon the semester in which the new program is declared. The five-year continual enrollment catalog rights policy will restart when accepted into their selective program or when the new program is declared.

At times, situations like mandated changes in certification, licensure, or accreditation standards or technology advancements may require program and curriculum changes within the five-year time period.  These required changes may include additions or removal of particular course requirements.  Students will be notified immediately of such program or curriculum changes by the appropriate Academic Dean (or their designee).  Academic Deans (or their designee) can provide clarification and guidance on requirements and possible substitutions in these cases so that students can plan accordingly for their intended timeline for completion.

Students transferring to Lorain County Community College who maintain continuous enrollment (defined as attending at least two terms in an academic year) in a public higher education institution will have the option to select the course equivalencies documented and certified in Transferology as of the point of initial enrollment or at the point of transfer.