Grade Options


Certain courses (including some developmental education courses and some practical) are graded S/U only and are so indicated in the course descriptions. S means satisfactory and indicates that course credit was earned. U means unsatisfactory and indicates no credit was earned. A student may also elect the S/U grading option in no more than three courses for the associate degree and not more than one course a semester. Any S/U hours beyond this limit will not count toward graduation. The S/U grade option must be declared at the Enrollment, Financial and Career Services division by Friday of the eighth scheduled week of the semester. A student must confirm S/U availability and get the signature of the appropriate academic division dean. The S/U option cannot be reversed to a letter grade once the semester is in session. The S/U option for credit may be used only for electives within a degree or certificate program.

The grade of S will equal an A, B or C. The grade of U will equal a D or F.


Students choosing to audit a course will pay instruction, general and any special fees, but receive no academic credit or quality assignment grade. The student must attend and participate in class, laboratories, if applicable and examinations. Courses taken on this basis are not included in the computation of cumulative grade point average and are not applicable to graduation requirements or other purposes requiring completion of a course under credit status. Certain courses may not be available with the audit grading option.

Students may file an audit request form in the Enrollment, Financial and Career Services division at the time of registration but must file no later than Friday of the second week of the semester in which the course is being taken. The audit option cannot be reversed to credit once the semester is in session.

Students are cautioned that changing a credit course to audit status may adversely affect financial aid benefits, veterans benefits and graduation status. Courses taken for audit count in calculating tuition, but they do not carry credit or count toward financial aid eligibility. Students should inquire at the appropriate office regarding potential impact to benefits and/or graduation status.

Audits for credit courses offered differently than the traditional semester calendar will be calculated proportionately to and consistent with institutional policy.