Mission, Vision, Values and Priorities

Vision 2020: Empowering a Thriving Community

We Are the Community's College

In September 2015, Lorain County Community College’s District Board of Trustees adopted Vision 2020 – a refreshed strategic plan outlining the College’s mission, values, priorities and initiatives – which will guide the College through the year 2020.

Vision 2020 is an updating of the Vision 2.0 document that was adopted in January of 2013 and leverages the progress and success achieved in advancing Vision 2.0. One such achievement celebrated during the board meeting was the recent announcement of Lorain County Community College being recognized by Achieving the Dream as a Leader College. This designation is based on the College’s past three years of successful student success improvements which directly tie to Priority 1 in Vision 2.0: Drive Student Completion and Academic Success. The College was one of 19 institutions that earned the Leader College distinction this year. Achieving the Dream grants Leader College designation for three-year cycles. After three years, institutions must undergo a recertification process to maintain Leader College status. The Lumina Foundation and seven founding partner organizations conceived achieving the Dream as an initiative in 2004. The organization now leads the most comprehensive non-governmental reform movement for student success in higher education history.

The refresh is the culmination of a nine-month long re-visioning process that, as with past practices, engaged stakeholders from the campus and community in setting the direction for the institution. During this process the Vision 2.0 Refresh Council, comprised of nearly 100 community and campus representatives, met four times in working sessions to review and update the college’s strategic plan, considering significant changes and trends that are impacting our community and the institution. The Council’s work was enhanced with feedback from over 600 campus and community stakeholders during this time period.

The process especially focused on the College’s core values and why it is important to this community. The college’s refreshed core values embrace the recognition that:

“We are the community’s college. We are trusted by the community to educate, lead and inspire. We create a better, more sustainable future for our community.”

Our Values

We are the community’s college. 

We are trusted by the community to educate, lead and inspire. 

We create a better, more sustainable future for our community.

Our Vision

To empower a thriving community . . .

Where all students achieve academic and career success;

Where industry talent needs are met and businesses start, locate and grow; and

Where people connect and prosper.

Our Mission

To empower . . .

Individuals to succeed through quality education. 

Economies to grow through innovation. 

Communities to thrive through partnerships and rich cultural experiences.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Drive student completion for academic and career success.
  2. Lead talent development while accelerating business job growth.
  3. Inspire community engagement, connectivity, diversity and wellness.