Service Learning

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates community service with academic instruction while focusing on critical thinking, reflection and civic responsibility. Service Learning provides students with opportunities to make a difference in their community through a service project that enhances classroom learning. Students who participate in Service Learning at Lorain County Community College are honored with a certificate of completion and a recognition medallion to wear at commencement.

A course determined to have a substantial community service component that directly connects to learning objectives and includes structured reflection is considered a service learning course. Service learning courses are defined through three designations.

A service learning class is the designation received when every student in the course is required to participate in the service-learning experience.

A service learning component class is the designation received when a student may choose to opt into the service learning experience.

A service learning course is the designation received when every instructor teaching the course uses service learning as a teaching and learning strategy. Students interested in enrolling in a Service Learning course would seek out the particular service learning section/instructor or opt into a course with a service learning requirement.

Please contact the Career Services office at (440) 366-4076 for additional information or a list of service learning courses or visit the service learning website