About Lorain County Community College

Lorain County Community College serves the greater Lorain County region by providing the educational and workforce training needed to help our residents and community thrive. 

Founded in 1963, the impact of LCCC is embedded in the fabric of our community. Over the past 60 years, LCCC has served 50 percent of Lorain County households, and more than 45,000 individuals have earned a degree. 

Lorain County Community College values its role in creating a vibrant community where all individuals are able to unlock social mobility through educational experiences. LCCC fulfills this vision by fostering a culture of care where all individuals' lived experiences are viewed as assets to our campus and community. LCCC uses this understanding to remove barriers, ensure access to resources, and fosters engagement within campus and community. By facilitating connections and using student-centered approaches, LCCC empowers all individuals to thrive, achieve personal success, and prosper.

The College provides the opportunity for students to complete: 

  • Bachelor's degrees
  • Associate degrees
  • One-year certificates
  • Short-term certificates
  • Certificates of completion
  • Workforce training

Through LCCC's University Partnership, students can earn a bachelor's or master's degree from Ohio universities and colleges. LCCC is also proud to deliver applied bachelor's degrees in microelectronic manufacturing and smart industrial automated systems engineering technology. 

LCCC works hard to keep the cost of education low. In fact, over 80% of our students receive some form of financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships. Dual enrollment programs help high school students begin their college education at no cost to the student and their families. Nearly 50% of Lorain County public high school students graduate with credit from LCCC. 

LCCC supports students in entering the workforce in rewarding careers, transferring for advanced degrees, and in many cases, students may both at the same time. LCCC's general education courses are guaranteed to transfer to Ohio public institutions, and academic programs are designed for seamless transfer into LCCC's University Partnership. LCCC partners with more than 800 local employers to ensure the skills learned in the classroom prepare students for their careers. With more than 170 industry-recognized credentials, LCCC offers the certifications and career preparation that helps individuals stand out to employers. Keeping the pulse on regional workforce demand leads to more than 90% of LCCC graduates finding high opportunity careers right here in Northeast Ohio. 

Student success is our top priority. With customized academic advising and wraparound support services, LCCC can help students overcome personal, academic, and other barriers and achieve their goals.  

High-Earning Graduates

An LCCC education puts students in a position for some of the highest earnings by community college graduates in the State of Ohio, and in the top 50 in the country. In 2016, the College ranked second in Ohio and 41st nationally for highest-paid community college graduates, according to PayScale Human Capital. PayScale is a salary, benefits and compensation information company that compiles data on lifetime earnings for hundreds of degrees and majors. LCCC also scored highest among all Ohio community colleges in earnings for graduates in a 2015 value-added report by the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings.

Student Success is Our Goal

LCCC helps students succeed, providing exceptional teaching, support services, and connection to in-demand careers in northeast Ohio. In 2018, LCCC was named the top community college in the country for Excellence in Student Success by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). Achieving the Dream named LCCC a Leader College of Distinction in 2019 and 2022 and awarded LCCC the Leah Austin Meyer Award, the highest distinction awarded within the Achieving the Dream network, in 2020. In 2019, LCCC was also named among the Top 150 Community Colleges by the Aspen Institute, recognizing its focus on student outcomes and transformational changes with the student in mind. LCCC was also recently recognized by Harvard University's Project on Workforce (2022), highlighting the critical role innovative, community-centered colleges play in forging pathways to good jobs in their regions and nationally. The College's past work and focus on student outcomes has also earned a spot in the Aspen Unlocking Opportunities program (2023), a highly selective cohort of only 10 community colleges engaged in research and program design with improved post-graduation outcomes in mind. These honors indicate that LCCC focuses on every aspect of student success, from redesigned advising models to expanding holistic student support and creating program and career pathways that help students complete their degree efficiently and cost-effectively. Our goal is to make sure students are successful – no matter how big their dreams.

About Our Students

LCCC is a dynamic, student-centered college intentionally designed to support individuals with balancing multiple roles on their path to college completion. Eighty-five percent of LCCC students work while attending college, with the majority working at least half-time. The average age of LCCC's students is 24, and many bring life experiences that include caring for dependents, serving in the military, or completing some prior college. Over 80% of LCCC students receive financial assistance through grants and scholarships, and LCCC has been nationally recognized for holistic, fully integrated services and commitment to student success.

A Career by Design:

LCCC students can expect a highly supportive and intentionally designed experience as it relates to career planning. LCCC's vision for students' career development is that:

  • All students have a career support system, such as a mentor or learning community of peers.
  • All students know what is considered a livable wage in our community and how their chosen pathway will get them there.
  • All students become familiar with the areas of high opportunity in the region.
  • All students see themselves as transfer students, despite their unique timelines for ongoing educational attainment.
  • All students can make informed academic and career path decisions.

Guided by Vision 2025 and LCCC's core mission and values, Career by Design refers to a college-wide focus on supporting individual and family needs related to career and employment. LCCC's academic advising model, work-based learning opportunities, engaged and dedicated faculty, the University Partnership, strong employer connections, and the College's deep awareness of the regional labor market and economic landscape are critical ingredients in LCCC's high-quality student academic and career planning experience.

At LCCC, students' experience will be supported by outreach, advising, and career planning teams with direct and unique knowledge of the regional talent needs and gaps. Over 70 student service team members have received specialized economic and workforce development training within Northeast Ohio. They are equipped to facilitate transparent and supportive planning discussions with the students. Look for the "Career by Design" badge to spot an individual who can help answer questions about the world of work.

Vision 2025: 10,000 Degrees of Impact

LCCC's current strategic plan, Vision 2025, sets forth a bold promise to our community: By 2025, 10,000 individuals will earn an LCCC certificate or degree that will increase their earning potential and have a long-term impact on our local community and economy. LCCC's commitment to this goal is supported through five areas of focus:

• Student-Focused: Expand Participation 
• Success-Focused: Increase Completion and Academic Success
• Future Focused: Foster Future Success
• Work-Focused: Improve Economic Competitiveness
• Community-Focused: Enhance Quality of Life

Guided by Vision 2025, LCCC seeks to connect with all members of its community and provide access to upward social mobility through educational pathways. Read more about Vision 2025.  

Completion Plan (2022-2024)

As a public institution of higher education in Ohio, LCCC submits a Completion Plan to the Ohio Department of Higher Education every two years. Completion Plans are designed to chart a course for the Ohio public colleges' student success and completion goals. They include an update on the institutions' ongoing or previous work and initiatives. LCCC's most recent Completion Plan, approved by its District Board of Trustees in June 2020, highlights its key focus areas for 2020-2022, supported by Vision 2025.