Schedule Adjustments

Registered students may attend the first class meeting of a course before deciding to complete a schedule adjustment (drop/add), but must make the schedule adjustment prior to the start of the second class meeting and prior to the end of the schedule adjustment period. Students may be subject to fees based on the refund policy.

Administrative Causes for Change of Schedule

If the College causes a change of schedule to be necessary, the student will not be charged. Those instances include courses which are canceled by the College and courses which are altered by the College in respect to meeting time.

Definition of change of schedule

After initial registration for any given semester, any of the following will cause the schedule to be changed at the request of the student:

  • One or more courses are added to the schedule (add).
  • One or more courses are deleted from the schedule (drop).
  • One or more courses are changed from one section to another section (drop/add).
  • Upon processing by the Enrollment, Financial and Career Services division, a change of schedule occurs.