Student Life

LCCC considers out-of-class activities to be an essential element of the collegiate educational process. Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, which stress leadership training, service to the College and the community, self-directed activity, the experience of sharing interests and the opportunity to interact with those who are from different backgrounds. Participation in such programs helps students develop their best educational, social and personal potential for responsible citizenship and effective living.

Students have an opportunity to participate in Student Senate, Phi Theta Kappa, music, theater, forensics and program board; also, student publications, clubs and organizations, convocations, film programs, lectures and other events appropriate to college life.

Student Life Office

LCCC offers a variety of personal, professional and social clubs and organizations for students on campus. Membership is open to all students. The Student Life office is the center for all student-sponsored events held at the College. Located in this area are the coordinator of Student Life, The Student Senate, the Program Board, The Collegian student newspaper and student club/organization offices. The Student Senate is the student government organization through which students have a voice in campus affairs.