Change of Residency Status

Application for Change of Residency Status

Policy Regarding Ohio and/or Lorain County Student Residency for State Subsidy and Tuition Surcharge Purposes

(As required by Ohio law for in-state and by the LCCC District Board of Trustees for in-county)

For the purposes of tuition, all change of address requests must be completed by submitting an Application for Residency Status Change.  Please be aware that this process is governed by Ohio law and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.  The office of the Registrar is obligated to the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the citizens of Lorain County as determined by the College Board of Trustees to uphold all rules and requirements of residency for tuition purposes.

The term “Ohio Resident” for tuition purposes may differ from other definitions of Ohio residency.  A person who has an Ohio driver’s license or who is an Ohio resident for tax, voting, or welfare purposes may not necessarily be considered a resident for tuition purposes.  To be classified as a resident for tuition purposes, a student must meet the guidelines for residency as defined by the Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-10

Students are also encouraged to read through the Frequently Asked Questions which further explains residency and procedures.  It is a student’s responsibility to understand all of the residency guidelines and application deadlines. If a student has questions, they should contact the Registrar's office at (440) 366-4067 for clarification.  All information distributed by the college and on this website is subject to change and should not be considered conclusive.  

Please be aware that as part of this process, students may be asked to provide additional documents beyond what is requested on the application itself.  Because of the personal nature of some of the documents we may be requesting, any supporting documentation will be reviewed for purposes of making a residency determination only and will not ever become part of the student’s permanent academic file.  Documents will be viewed only by the appropriate residency officer(s) of the college and any state auditors that may request the documents.  Failure to provide the requested forms to substantiate a residency change will result in the denial of an application. All forms must be provided by the deadlines listed below.  By state law and college policy, reclassification will not be retroactive for any previous term(s).  Applications received after the start of a term can only be considered for the following academic term.

All residency change applications and requested supporting documentation must be submitted and approved prior to the first official day of the academic term the student desires reclassification to be effective.

Fall term:  Starts in August of each year

Spring term:  Starts in January of each year

Summer term:  Starts in May of each year

Specific start dates will vary with each calendar/academic year and can be found on the college’s official website or by calling the Records office at (440) 366-4067.  As with any deadline item, it is always beneficial to submit materials as early in the process as possible to allow sufficient time for review and approval.

Payment due dates cannot be waived or extended while a student’s residency is being reviewed. Students must make full payment (including non-resident fees) by the appropriate payment due date.  If approved, refunds will be issued through normal college channels and according to refund policies.