Lorain County Community College is committed to providing a pathway for all individuals who desire, benefit from, and wish to pursue a college education. LCCC’s open-admission policy offers broad access to college within the guidelines below and with appropriate scores on LCCC’s placement assessment. 

Special Admission Programs

In some cases, and to meet the needs of the individuals we serve, special admission programs are also available to current high school students, international students, transfer students, transient students, incarcerated students and many others. These special admission programs may require students to complete different steps or provide additional documentation associated with their unique situation.

The Enrollment, Financial and Career Services division serves as a one-stop for credit students, whether potential, new or returning students. This one-stop approach provides an array of enrollment, financial and career services, including admission, advising, counseling and registration. Student service representatives and advising teams are prepared to provide general information, College Credit Plus, College Tech Prep, University Partnership, veterans, English as a Second Language and international student information.

Application Procedure

All applications for admission must be made on an official application form or LCCC's Online Application for Admission. Students are encouraged to complete the online application to receive expedited notice of acceptance to LCCC. However, hard-copy applications are available upon request. Applicants must request high schools to forward official, final transcripts to the Enrollment Services or Registrar's office. For those 18 years or older who did not earn high school diplomas, an official GED transcript must be sent from the state GED office to the Enrollment, Financial and Career Services or Registrar's office. The high school transcript is waived for admission if a student has earned an associate, bachelor or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution. All Lorain County Community College admission requirements must be met.

Students accepted to LCCC will receive a personalized email and/or phone communication from our enrollment specialists and text messages to guide them through the enrollment steps. Students who need assistance with enrolling or returning to LCCC after an absence are encouraged to contact an enrollment specialist (440-366-7703) who can help them with the next steps. LCCC also offers an enrollment specialist who assists adult learners in navigating the enrollment process (440-366-4726).

Program Admission Requirements

Some of LCCC's programs include specific program admission requirements. Please see your program's page and consult your academic advisor for more information about the requirements for admission to your program. 


All available classes for the upcoming term are listed in the Online Class Schedule or by searching courses in MyCampus.

Academic advisors are available to help students select and register for courses, or students can register independently.

LCCC’s Assigned Advisor Model provides each student with a central point of contact from connection through completion. In this model, students receive personalized academic advising, degree progress monitoring and program exploration within LCCC’s nine academic pathways. Academic advisors are organized into teams around these nine pathways to provide students with expert advice and guidance on the programs of their choice. Assigned advisors can be found in the MyCampus portal. Students can make an advising appointment online. 

To ensure students’ course registration aligns with their academic, transfer, and career goals, all students new to LCCC are required to meet with their academic advisor before initial registration. Advising and academic planning is a collaborative process in which both the advisor and student should discuss the following:

  • The degree or certificate requirements are listed in your program's curriculum guide. 
  • Academic Planning. Students near graduation should understand when the needed courses will be offered. Many courses are only offered in one semester every year, so planning is essential.
  • Prerequisites and course sequencing. These courses must be taken before the student can enroll in another course. For example, College Composition I (ENGL 161) is a prerequisite for College Composition II (ENGL 162). This means that ENGL 161 must be successfully completed before enrolling in ENGL 162. If a course has a prerequisite, it will be listed in the course description.  

Enrollment/Registration Schedule

Registration for the fall and summer semesters opens every March. Spring semester enrollment opens in October. Check the academic calendar for specific dates. Registration is limited during the first week of enrollment, allowing students closest to graduation an opportunity to register first. Check the Registration Schedule to find out when you are eligible to register for classes.

Registration Process

Detailed checklists are available to help students navigate the steps for the application and registration process

Registration Methods

Online Registration

Eligible returning students can register online in MyCampus. In some cases, students may experience a registration hold designed to ensure the student consults with an academic advisor. Students who cannot register online are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor or someone in Enrollment Services to discuss the next steps or to resolve the hold. 

Register In-Person

Students can register in person at Enrollment Services (Elyria Campus) or any of the Learning Centers.

Register by Phone

Telephone registration is accepted from students by phoning the Registrar's Office at (440) 366-4067, Enrollment Services at (440) 366-4032, or by meeting via phone appointment with an academic advisor. 

New Student Requirements

LCCC’s new student requirements are designed to support the successful completion of college coursework. These requirements provide students with important information they need before beginning classes and include information about resources, services, policies and procedures at Lorain County Community College. Students are required to:

  • Participate in placement assessment (LCCC placement tests and/or ACT/SAT) to determine which English and math courses to schedule.
  • Complete new student orientation (online, found under your to-do list in MyCampus) before meeting with an Advisor, as this is designed to help you prepare to make academic and career plans for your first semester. Note: Some students may complete orientation as a group or part of a structured program with their employer, high school site, or community group
  • Complete the Welcome Survey, an online questionnaire, to identify students’ strengths for completing educational goals.
  • Meet with an academic advisor to schedule first-semester courses and develop an Academic Plan.

Students who are non-degree seeking and registering for three or fewer hours, transient students, and students registering for audit are exempted from these requirements. However, once a student attempts more than three credit hours, they must complete the above new student requirements. Orientation can be completed either in person or online through MyCampus. Learn more about the New Student Orientation

Registration after a course begins

As part of LCCC’s commitment to student success, it is essential for students to begin and fully engage in classes from the start. Once a class has met for the first time, students cannot register for the course.  However, LCCC’s academic advisors can assist students with finding courses that have not yet begun or start in a later part of the semester.

In distance learning courses, students must be registered by the second business day of the course.