Associate of Individualized Studies

The associate of individualized studies is a degree designed to provide viable options for students with career or educational goals that do not require a specific major. College credit will be awarded for coursework completed at other post-secondary institutions or for other documentable learning experiences in educational enterprises judged at college level. The degree is awarded for the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 60 semester credit hours, exclusive of college preparatory courses, including an English sequence, math (for students beginning fall 2016 and after), and student development course, in an individually planned educational program.

The program must contain:

  1. Twenty-four semester credit hours distributed with eight credit hours limited to any three of the following academic areas: business, engineering technologies, arts and humanities, science and mathematics, social sciences and human services, allied health and nursing, physical education, or student development.
  2. Thirty semester credit hours of block credit awarded for documentable educational experience or courses completed at other post-secondary institutions or other educational enterprises judged by LCCC criteria to be of college level; OR
  3. A coherent combination of technical and/or general courses totaling a minimum of 20 semester credit hours planned in consultation with an academic advisor to form an individualized area of concentration.
  4. Electives will include any courses (inclusive of credit awarded for prior learning assessment) in the 2020-21 Catalog.

The individualized degree plan, once designed, requires approval of the provost/vice president of academic affairs and University Partnership.