Transient Students

Transient Student (Incoming)

A student at another college or university can take classes at LCCC for credit at the home institution.

  1. Complete the LCCC Application if the student has never applied or completed an LCCC credit course. 
  2. Complete and submit the Transient Student Registration Form. Students will need to:
    1. Determine which courses they plan to register for at LCCC. (Learn more about selecting courses.) Consult with the home institution's academic advisor regarding course selection and equivalency. The Transferology system may also be used.
    2. Upload a copy of their unofficial transcript on the form.
    3. Students who have earned AP, IB or CLEP credit, please also make sure to upload a copy of the official score report. (Do not upload any document containing SSN.)
    4. Read the Acknowledgment Statement on the form, check the box, and click the Submit button to submit the form to Enrollment Services.
  3. Pay tuition bill.
  4. Send the LCCC transcript back to the student's college or university. Complete the process to have their transcript sent to their college or university so they can be evaluated and awarded credit for the course. The process can be completed at any time after you register for your class.

New students must create a MyCampus account after completing the application for admission. Students can check schedules, tuition information, and grade reports through MyCampus.

For More Information

Further information is available at  or from the LCCC Registrar's team at (800) 995-LCCC, ext. 4067 or (440) 366-4067.

Important Documents  

Transcript Request Form

Sample Transient Letter

Transient Course Registration form

Transient Students (Outgoing)

LCCC students can take courses at another college or university for credit at LCCC.

  1. Must be a current LCCC student.
  2. Completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at LCCC.
  3. Earned 2.0 or better cumulative grade point average.
  4. In good financial standing at LCCC.
  5. Complete the LCCC Transient Student Credit Request form. Complete both pages of the application and return to Enrollment Services.
  6. If the application is approved, the student will receive a Transient Student Registration form that can be used to register for classes at the other institution.
  7. Students who are unsure about the course needed at another institution can either make an appointment with an LCCC advisor or check on the course transferability with the registrar's office.
  8. Must provide an official transcript to LCCC upon completion of the course in order to receive transfer credit at LCCC.
For more information on outgoing transient students, visit the Transient Students Page on the website