LCCC Student Success Priorities

At Lorain County Community College (LCCC), we strive to provide excellent support services, a warm and welcoming campus culture, and a student-centered approach to learning.

Students at LCCC experience services and programs directly aligned with the college’s commitment to student success. Notable programs include the following.

  • LCCC’s approach to academic and career planning begins with its Assigned Advisor Model, which provides each student with a central point of contact from their first connection with the College through their graduation.  In this model, students receive personalized academic advising, degree progress monitoring and program exploration within LCCC’s nine academic pathways. Academic advisors are organized into teams around these nine pathways to provide students with expert advice and guidance on the programs of their choice. Assigned advisors can be found in the MyCampus portal. Students can make an appointment online at
  • LCCC’s academic pathways include the University Partnership program, its Bachelor of Applied Science in Microelectronic Manufacturing, and its Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways, which support seamless and affordable paths to bachelor’s degrees.
  • To meet the needs of adult learners, LCCC has developed 16 accelerated pathways, which allow students to earn a degree in as little as 15 months. Whether a student’s goal is career advancement or seamless transfer, LCCC’s accelerated pathways will help students achieve their academic and career goals more quickly than ever.
  • Adult students may also benefit from LCCC’s program for awarding college credit for relevant learning that occurs outside of a traditional classroom setting.  Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) provides opportunities for students with life and professional experiences to demonstrate mastery of learning outcomes, achieving accelerated placement or course credits. PLA can be facilitated in several formats, including tested knowledge, portfolio, or submission of industry-recognized credentials.
  • For students looking to enter the workforce as soon as possible, LCCC’s Fast Track to Employment programs provide tuition-free access to industry-recognized credentials in as little as 16 weeks. These opportunities are ideal for quickly retraining for a new career, earning a short-term certificate, and making important connections with career specialists and employers looking to hire. Over 800 individuals have earned Fast Track credentials through LCCC, providing the foundation for advanced credentials, degrees, and a sustainable career in in-demand industries.
  • LCCC offers students a culture of care, a series of wrap-around supports and resources to help them achieve their academic and career goals.  These supports include The Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC). The primary purpose of the ARC is to ensure our students can access basic needs while completing their certificate or degree at LCCC.  Located on the first floor of the Bass Library, the ARC provides free, caring, confidential support and connection to campus and community resources to help with any issues students face, including food and income assistance programs, utility assistance, childcare services, mental health and addiction services, transportation, housing insecurity, legal services, support for domestic violence and sexual assault victims, and access to the college’s Career Closet. LCCC students are encouraged to take advantage of other support services including, but not limited to:
    • Accessibility Services        
    • Campus Security
    • Children’s Learning Center
    • LGBTQA+ Community
    • Personal Counseling
    • Suicide Prevention Services
    • Veterans Services
  • LCCC also offers students the Students Accelerated in Learning (SAIL) Program. SAIL provides structured support services for college students with real-world obstacles. SAIL’s cohort-based model provides students with financial and academic support to graduate with an associate degree within three years. SAIL places student success as the center of its support services and includes regular and supportive academic advising, personalized career counseling, tutoring, priority pre-registration and workshops.
  • LCCC’s Success Messaging delivers personalized, interactive, in-time text messages to enrolled students. Throughout each semester, students will receive positive reinforcement, nudging towards support services, and reminders about upcoming registration periods.
  • Innovative, student-centered technology tools like Degree Map and Schedule Planner make the enrollment experience easy, friendly and informative. Degree Map helps students chart the best plan for success by showing requirements completed and those courses still remaining. Students can explore majors or minors and search for local and national career opportunities.
  • LCCC Connect provides a centralized access point for students to connect with one another and fully engage in the LCCC overall student experience. To LCCC, access is not limited to simply attending LCCC; rather, students build social capital and networks through engagement in learning communities, leadership programs, faculty mentoring, and other experiences designed with skills building in mind.

Creating a Vibrant Community for All

Lorain County Community College values its role in creating a vibrant community where all individuals are able to unlock social mobility through educational experiences. LCCC fulfills this vision by fostering a culture of care where all individuals' lived experiences are viewed as assets to our campus and community. LCCC uses this understanding to remove barriers, ensure access to resources, and fosters engagement within campus and community. By facilitating connections and using student-centered approaches, LCCC empowers all individuals to thrive, achieve personal success, and prosper.

LCCC is committed to student success and to providing excellent service. We encourage students to provide feedback by completing a quick five-question survey at

Navigation Assistants and Student Glossary of Terms

College can be intimidating, no matter your family background or previous experiences. LCCC leads the way in thoughtfully guiding students through their education and intentionally added the Student Services Navigator role to its team. The Navigator is in place to help students with complex situations involving policies and procedures and cross multiple departments. In addition, LCCC offers a glossary of terms to help students quickly understand terms other students may have found confusing in the past. As a student at LCCC, we also welcome your submissions to the glossary, as they can help others better navigate college life, too: