General/Technology Fee

Assessed per credit hour for the use, maintenance and upgrade of college infrastructure, equipment, systems, materials and supplies.

Career Services Advantage Fee

In an effort to help students choose a program of study earlier and encourage the completion of associate degrees, Lorain County Community College provides enhanced personalized support services directed at connecting students to career goals.

Special Fee

Where laboratory, special facilities or services are REQUIRED to accommodate instructional needs, a special fee may be assessed. These fees are listed in each semester’s class schedule.

Cross Registration Fee

Tuition fee waivers will be processed on a space-available, first-come-first-served basis for students participating in the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education’s Cross Registration program. The tuition fee will be waived, but a student must pay the general fee, special fees, books and materials.

Locker Rental Fee

A fee is charged for locker rental on a per-semester or multiple-semester basis should a student desire a locker.

Proficiency Examination Fee

A service fee for each examination equal to one credit hour at the student’s tuition assessment rate must accompany each petition.