Associate of Technical Studies

The associate of technical studies is a degree designed to provide flexible options for non-traditional students with technical career goals. These include:

  • IBEW/NECA Electrical Trades Apprenticeship #6133
  • Pipefitter Apprenticeship Pathway #6145
  • Plumber Apprenticeship Pathway #6144
  • Building and Industrial Technology #6147
  • Health and Allied Health Technology #2050
  • Business Technology #0351
  • Information Technology #6148
  • Services Technology #2051
  • Automation Manufacturing Management #6160
  • Skilled Trade Technology #6150

College credit will be awarded for work completed at other post-secondary institutions, selected apprenticeships and for educational experiences judged to be college level. The degree is awarded for the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 60 semester credit hours, exclusive of college preparatory courses, in an individually planned educational program, which contains: 

  1. A coherent combination of technical courses totaling a minimum of 30 semester credit hours from two or more technical programs meeting the career goals of the student; OR 
  2. A maximum of 30 semester credit hours of block credit awarded for documentable educational experience or courses completed at other post-secondary institutions or other educational enterprises judged to be of college-level. Every program must include a minimum of 30 non-technical courses (which includes both general education and applied general education courses). General education must contain at least 15 semester credit hours and include English composition or oral communications; SDEV 101, a mathematics, statistics and/or logic course; and a minimum of six semester hours from the following three categories, with at least two of the three categories represented: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences and natural sciences