Associate of Technical Studies

The associate of technical studies is a degree designed to provide flexible options for non-traditional students with technical career goals such as IBEW/NECA Electrical Trades Apprenticeship, Pipefitter Apprenticeship Pathway, Plumber Apprenticeship Pathway, Building and Industrial Technology, Health and Allied Health Technology, Business Technology, Information Technology, and Services Technology.

College credit will be awarded for work completed at other post-secondary institutions, selected apprenticeships and for educational experiences judged to be college level. The degree is awarded for the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 60 semester credit hours, exclusive of college preparatory courses, in an individually planned educational program, which contains: 

  1. A coherent combination of technical courses totaling a minimum of 30 semester credit hours from two or more technical programs meeting the career goals of the student; OR 
  2. A maximum of 30 semester credit hours of block credit awarded for documentable educational experience or courses completed at other post-secondary institutions or other educational enterprises judged to be of college-level. Every program must include a minimum of 30 non-technical courses (which includes both general education and applied general education courses). General education must contain at least 15 semester credit hours and include English composition or oral communications; SDEV 101, a mathematics, statistics and/or logic course; and a minimum of six semester hours from the following three categories, with at least two of the three categories represented: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences and natural sciences