Senior Adult Fee Waivers

To be eligible for the instructional fee waiver, a senior adult learner must be 60 years of age or older and a resident of the State of Ohio for the immediate preceding 12 consecutive months. A registration and instructional fee waiver request form must be completed. A senior adult learner will be REQUIRED to pay all non-instructional fees (general fee, special course fees, etc.) and must purchase books and materials needed for the course. Instructional fees may be waived for a senior citizen enrolling in credit courses on an audit basis. Registration for classes using this fee waiver policy will be on a space-available basis during the senior adult learner registration period listed in the current credit class schedule.

Instructional fees are waived for qualified older adults when they register for LCCC credit classes on an audit (no credit received) basis. Tuition fee waivers on credit courses for qualifying older adults are processed on a space-available, first come, first served basis. Senior adult learner fee waivers do not apply to University Partnership courses.