General Education Outcomes

Values and Philosophy

Lorain County Community College believes that all individuals should learn to read with comprehension, write with clarity, speak with precision, listen with discrimination and think critically and analytically with the capacity to apply knowledge. The education of the whole person and the strengthening of literacy should occur throughout educational experiences.

Students seeking the associate of arts or associate of science degree must complete the appropriate general education/transfer module requirements as specified in the Ohio Transfer 36. Completing Ohio Transfer 36 fulfills LCCC's General Education Requirements.  

General Education Outcomes

LCCC believes that the role of education is the development of the whole person. General education outcomes at the College enable students to develop the knowledge, skills, values and beliefs important for all college graduates. LCCC’s general education outcomes are embedded across the curriculum in the B.A.S., A.A., A.A.B., A.A.S., A.S., A.I.S., and A.T.S. degrees and one-year and short-term certificates. General education outcomes are designed to ensure that all graduates meet general education requirements and are guided by specific learning outcomes:

LCCC’s general education outcomes are listed below:

  • GEO1: Communication - Students will be able to convey clear and organized ideas in creative, purposeful, and audience-centered ways.
  • GEO2: Critical Thinking - Students will be able to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information to draw informed, logical conclusions or solve problems.
  • GEO3: Digital Literacy - Students will be able to use digital technologies effectively and responsibly.
  • GEO4: Ethics & Equity - Students will be able to apply ethical, equitable, and inclusive principles in personal, professional, and civic settings. 
  • GEO5: Health - Students will be able to describe and practice behaviors that promote the overall health of the individual and/or community. 
  • GEO6: Integrated Knowledge - Students will be able to connect a wide range of concepts across disciplines to contemporary life.
  • GEO7: Scientific & Quantitative Inquiry - Students will be able to ask and answer scientific and quantitative questions about the world.  
  • GEO8: Self and Career Development - Students will be able to develop themselves and their careers through ongoing personal and professional learning.

LCCC’s general education outcomes are also integrated into co-curricular programming found on LCCC Connect. Through engagement in learning communities, leadership development, internships, community work, and on-campus programs, students gain skills in six key areas that align with general education outcomes: critical thinking, communication, diversity, ethics, health, and professional development. In addition to classroom learning, some academic programs may infuse co-curricular learning into courses and programs to further boost student learning across general education outcomes.

General Education Purpose Statement

Through its general education program, Lorain County Community College provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills our society expects from any college-educated individual. General education introduces the student to academic disciplines and fosters critical thinking, rigorous investigation and effective communication. The experience of general education is valuable because it helps the student:

  • Prepare for further academic studies, professional accomplishments and lifelong learning.
  • Become an engaged member of the community.
  • Adapt to a changing world.
  • Understand and appreciate diverse aspects of human civilization and the natural world.