Physical Education/Wellness (PEWL)


An introduction to a study of the physiological and psychological effects of stress upon the human body. The focus is on the investigation and practical application of specific skills for managing stress throughout one's lifetime.

General Education: IN5

Typically Offered: Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters


This course provides a structured community service experience with an approved community partners and faculty advisor. Students will evaluate the importance of their personal contribution in meeting identified community needs while pursuing academic study and career exploration. Students will gain real world experience in an interactive, dynamic environment. Course will be graded on S/U basis.

General Education: IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4


Yoga Workout incorporates the flow of one sustained Yoga pose to another to increase strength, flexibility and endurance with the ultimate goal of improving one's awareness of the connection between the mind and body. Class sessions will include a warm up, a repetitive sequence of challenging Yoga fitness-conditioning exercises, and a cool down followed by relaxation.

General Education: IN5

PEWL 186, YOGA I 1 (2)

Students will explore the Yoga philosophy which promotes a healthy mind/body connections to discover a balance in all aspects of life. Class sessions will incorporate Yoga poses, postures, and flexibility exercises to refine, tone and define muscles, while incorporating meditation and breathing techniques.

General Education: IN5

Typically Offered: Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters

PEWL 187, YOGA II 1 (2)

Yoga II is a continuation of Yoga I with emphasis on precision and accuracy of bodily alignment while sustaining postures during the execution of Asanas. It is a study of the mind through metaphysics and the effect thoughts have on one's well-being.

General Education: IN5

Course Entry Requirement(s): Prerequisite: PEWL 186

Typically Offered: Fall and Spring Semesters

PEWL 188, T'AI CHI 1 (2)

An introductory course exploring the forms and routines of T'ai Chi. Topics of discussion to include: health, flexibility, balance, stress reduction, internal energy, basic martial arts concepts, strength and the philosophy of this ancient Chinese art form. (A special fee will be assessed.)

General Education: IN3, IN5

Typically Offered: Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters


This course utilizes a variety of breathing and deep relaxation techniques to explore the basic principles of Meditation, Metaphysics and the seven energy centers in the body (Chakras) in order to develop a philosophy of introspection, self awareness, self exploration, inner peace and harmony within the body.

General Education: IN5

Typically Offered: Fall Semester